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Good day inmates!

I hope that you’re all surviving out there in this crazy world of ours. I hope that you’re all keeping your heads intact. We don’t need more poor souls falling off the wagon. The world has more than enough suffering. I’d like to congratulate Mr Biden for his inauguration and I pray that he will bring dignity and decency back to the United States. He has something of a hill to climb I fear. Still, I remain optimistic for my American friends.

On another positive note: FREEDOM! I’m no longer subject to a self-isolation. Everyone in the household is safe and well. I can see the shops and sky again! Within safety guidelines of course!

So, it’s time for another display of the Harlequins writing music! I’ll be sharing five artists that I enjoy listening to while writing and often inspire poems themselves. Not a single artist post this week. I’m hoping to knock it out of the park this week with some weird and wonderful music for us all to vibe to, as the younglings say!

So, here goes. Join me as we delve into the musical minds of enchanting artists the world over!

Elena Siegman – Beauty Of Annihilation

Blue October – Hate Me

Imagine Dragons – Demons


Apocalypse Orchestra- The Garden Of Earthly Delights

So, that’s all of our wondrous tunes today inmates!

I hope that at least one of these artists draws your imagination in. Maybe a tune inspires a new piece of art from you. I urge you all to check out each of them, they all deserve the attention. Check out their songs and if you happen to find a new addiction, go give them some love on their page eh?

I suppose it’s time for my social media spiel. The asylum has a prescence on Facebook, I have an Instagram account and a page over on Twitter. As always, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over at the Ko-fi page. Cheers for everything!

Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!