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“A brawny and proud, yet slightly diminutive, race humanoids that originated from the Golmont mountains in the southern section of the Bulrin Empire. These mountains sit comfortably on the borders of both the Golus and Ontarfeld provinces. There have been reports of small enclaves in various mountain ranges all over Primea containing groups of Demiens, but the large mountain city of Galdorez is officially recognized as the Demien capital. Galdorez hides within the Golmont mountains. Though it is the capital of the Demien people, it is perhaps not their most well known stronghold. That honor is held proudly by the great enclave in the Ragfez Mountains, within the neutral lands.

The races history is centric to the underground world they inhabit. It is not exactly clear what the Demiens evolved from. It is not even entirely clear to the Demiens themselves. There are theories of course.  That they came from the very similar subterranean mammalian creatures called Rockrats that are common in many Primean mountain ranges. Another theory is that Demiens evolved from some form of inferior creature that inhabited the underground waterways. This would explain the fish-like qualities i suppose. Another, more esoteric, theory is that they were somehow born from the very rocks of the mountains. Suggesting that they are in fact some kind of earth-based “Elemental”.

The average Demien is only slightly taller than a Human child, at about 4”9. They are significantly broader than a Human and tend to have considerably more muscle mass. They have quite leathery skin that always comes in differing shades of gray. Their faces are punctuated by fairly long, black, ovular eyes that go up diagonally on their almost bestial skull. A Demien head is an odd cross between an fish and some kind of avian beast. However, the most fascinating feature of the Demien anatomy is their “Lignama” or light stalk. This curious extremity protrudes from the rear of their heads and usually dangles down their back, reaching to just above the waist on a typical Demien. It resembles a hat-like tube, but is occasionally flat. This light stalk clearly evolved while the race mostly resides underground. It gives off an eerie glow, which ranges from a dark blue, to a teal, to a soft pink to a vibrant red. This evolution is quite bizarre when you consider that the races eyes are also designed for seeing in the dark.

The Demien race first came into contact with Humanity, whom they now hold a strong partnership and relationship with, during an expeditionary journey into the Golmont mountains about 150 years ago now. The expedition was led by a Doctor Garth Ament, a Bulrin. He and his fellow explorers discovered several small groups of Demiens, who were cautious and ever-so-slightly aggressive. At first there was conflict, as the Humans mistook the Demiens as creatures born from Dust.  After a few small scale skirmishes, a Demien diplomat managed to make peaceful contact with the Doctor himself. The diplomat explained what the Demiens were and that they had only acted in defense. The diplomat took the good Doctor to meet the Demien Kaiser ‘Kan Macturz’ and a treaty was fostered. The Kaiser was then put in contact with the Bulrin parliament by courier and further peace treaties were brokered. The Bulrins and the Demiens now are true allies and dedicated friends. Demiens have the same rights as Humans within the Empire. Indeed, Demiens even have the option to serve in the Bulrin army if they wish.

From this a booming friendship has grown, slowly but surely.  The Demiens have taught Humanity how to work with new metals and minerals, and together they have developed new technologies such as new ways to power basic machinery using underground magma, new building techniques and the the most advanced artillery in Primea. Demiens are renowned for their mastery of metallurgy and architecture, most likely originating from their exquisite, but homely mountain sanctuaries. The palace of the Demien Kaiser is a masterpiece that is rivaled by few. I have visited it myself and i don’t believe i have actually stood in such obvious awe in my entire life.

The Demiens are a great people. It is truly humbling to see how flawlessly they work together. A task that would take 10 Humans, can be completed in half the time by 3 Demiens. They are industrious and welcoming. Their Lava festivals are something to behold and i have a personal adoration for Demien architecture. Indeed if i was ever going to settle down somewhere and establish a home, i would hire a Demien architect. There is much i don’t know about them; their mating habits, their origins,  but i intend to learn more in the future. A truly amazing people…”

From the memoirs of Hermann Maestra.