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Amongst these brick and mortar cattle runs,
Ofttimes there are cries,
At increasing intervals,
Blood and missing teeth have become currency,
Knives no longer endangered beasts,
As violence takes the asphalt stage,

Under grey weeping skies,
There are hooded souls cooped up too long,
Compelled towards a kind of gang lunacy,
Closed fists encouraged by closed doors,
Frustration morphed into crime,
Assault piled atop assault,

It wasn’t always this way,
These sidewalks were once humble and pristine,
A virus has begotten further illness,
Sickness of the mind,
And the asphalt bears the evidence,
Red and running outward.

As you close the heavy tavern door,
I see your eyes widen in anxiety,
To see a motley band with steins held high,
In this beer-soaked spectacle,
Lives a bond of camaraderie,
Hardened by bruises and lost limbs,
Tempered in heist after scuffle after ruckus,

Personages of every fantastical race,
Thieves with honour,
Elves and orcs and men,
Dwarves and goblins,
Sharing pains,
Sharing scars,
Sharing losses,

This guild of grizzled veterans,
Decades in the making,
With myriad feats under each of their belts,
Feathers in caps and coins in pouches,
Not above the law but circumventing its eyes,
You bash down a bag of platinum and gold upon the bar,
You remember why you came to this den of reputed scum,

To steal from the rich,
And have some final breathes taken.

I’m trying to hide,
Though this wardrobe be a paltry citadel,
Subsequent to this ambush on a frigid moonlight night,
A gathering reduced to a bloodbath,
Human bodies hewed to mulch by terrible implement,
I know that blade thirsts for more,
Insatiably it took my friends,
I still hear the drips,

He’s coming,
A hell sent juggernaut,
A boiler suit rendered crimson by lives cut short,
And that mask,
Oh lord that mask,
The face of a shinigami,
Bound by wire and bone,
A crooked grin with iron teeth,

I’m trying to hide,
But my gasping and perspiration scream out my location,
Those wooden stairs are a countdown,
Each foreboding step a stopwatch counting down,
A boot upon the landing is a deathknell,
The doors to my harborage shrill open,
That awful mask appears from the opacity,
That dripping brand of gore is raised,

Time stops.

So slugger,
Let me tell you of a lucrative racket,
Out there on the asphalt veins of the big apple,
There’s bucks to be pryed,
By a Dick or Jane with the smarts,
Who’ll play nice with the cosa nostra,
That nation within a nation,
That faction without the strangling law,

So tip your fedora knowingly,
Spark up a havana,
Follow the familys rules,
Lawlessness does indeed beget violence,
But it also begets grand profit,
The clattering of the pigs irons and chains,
Will be answered by the roaring of tommy fire,
And the law may catch a bullet or eight.

I have travelled once again within my torpor,
Across these plains of arid texture,
To a roost dripping with gaunt atmosphere,
Lived in by only dust and rodents,
This was a haven for a monster once,
A foul nosferatu,
A menace long slain,

Yet death still echoes here in sleeps carousel,
This wallpaper whiffs of ichor and sawblades,
This leather furniture is of no bovine nature,
But something closer to home,
Something screaming in terror,
Cattle of a different kind,
Bloody wards of a killer already caught,

But in this dream world,
The grisly activities play over and over,
An old black and white film a touch too real,
A slideshow of past agony,
A tapestry painted by a nightmare shaped like a man,
Something that’ll force me out of rest sweating,
Sights which impel to flee to compos mentis.

Love thy neighbour,
Love each of your fellow earthly souls,
For better or worse,
Love thy killer,
Adore your murderer,
Commandments from deity and party leader,

Love your killer,
For he is just a mentally sick man,
Maiming rodents since his youth,

Love your killer,
For they believed you a traitor,
Extremist news outlets,

Love your killer,
For she only opened fire in fear,
You came close with the wrong skin,

Love your killer,
For he was merely following orders,
Fearing for his own kin,

Even as the knife twists,
Even as the wound coagulates,
Even as your skull fragments,
And the line goes deathly flat,
Be sure to forgive your killer,
Though no god will save you.

The stage is set,
I did not expect this today,
I had not seen the assailant advance,
A cast member obscured by fog,
A flash of silver in hand,
Suddenly a white-hot bolt of force,
And then cold betwixt darkness,
My hands race to my gut,
In the dramatic parlance,
A grizzled song from my lips,
Along with red confetti,
A musical number unrehearsed,
To an applause of liquid hitting cobbles,

The grim theatre be done,
And I lay amongst my roses crimson,
Bestowed by an audience unseen,
They seep into drains as I bow out.

An age-old remedy,
For an enemy,
Poisoners best friend,
A deadly tincture,
A snake in a bottle,
Fangs in the liquid,
A tasteless toxin,
A tasteless death,
Insidious in its design,
Even more so in its usage,
Bringing ruin to a body,
Cells die in droves,
The human frame soon follows,
Slowly and painfully succumbing,

What is it?

The smith sweats,
An armsworker,
Doing the work of shinigami,
Machining thanatos into steel,
Ore becomes death,

A masterwork,
An emotionless tool,
A cold weapon,
A true lifetaker,
A stygian masterpiece,

Harnessing thunder and hellfire,
The power of hades,
The power to take lives,
In one hand or two,
Exerting ones will through iron,

Stocks and smoking barrels,
Breathing fire and ash,
Charon on a bullet,
A life snuffed out,
The gunsmiths work complete,

Can he claim neutrality?
Does this artisan care whose life is ended?
Does this merchant burden himself with ethics?
Does this artist care how his art is wielded?
Is the dollar worth more than a life?

Not so happy?
We have a fix for that,
Allow me to put on my apron,
Forgive the blood,
This is a messy procedure,

Your face shall become artwork,
A scalpel sculpture,
An ideal incision,
Ear to ear,
A grin born of cruor,

You’ll be the talk of the town,
No more sorrow,
No more tears,
Extracting that bad mood,
The agony just means it’s working,

Why are you screaming?
You look so happy now,
You won’t be laughing,
But you’ll be smiling until the end of days,
Even within your grave,

Now that grin shall never dissipate.