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These two vocal veterans,
Battle-hardened are they indeed,
Atop opposing monolithic podiums,
They are upon the field of discourse,
Wielding scholarly tongues as arsenals,
Knights jousting in the air before them,
Fleur-de-lys amidst silver,
Words as blades,
Morning stars in each argument,

Parry and riposte,
The fronts shift as voices are heard,
Aural dogfights between gentlemen,
Neither giving too much ground,
There is decorum in this violence,
This is no bloodbath,
Who shall concede?
It matters little,
As long as knowledge is garnered by each party.

This congress of supposed friends,
All chomping at the bit,
Too many people,
Too many voices,

A cacophony of ideas,
Noise pollution,
Trying to get a bite of attention,
Disregarding each other,
Aural blinkers,

Anecdote after anecdote,
Tearing into one another,
Hyenas shredding at a story,
The words dry up,

Knowledge could be imparted,
Or sins confessed,
Or even nonsense spewed,
But nobody’s listening regardless,
Paying no heed,

Nothing is learned,
This is no conversation,
But a contest,
A beauty pageant,
A rondo of senseless noise.