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All hail the Jester King,
We blow raspberries in his honour,
And who put that whoopie cushion on his throne,
Long laugh the King,
That’s what we cheer,
A rather gangly clown of a man,
He sits cross-legged in his fools regalia,
His cap and marotte the equal of any Emperor,
Cracking quips in his state address,
Mocking those stuffy clergy,
Putting pies in the faces of diplomats,
His only mandate is for all to be full of joy,
Belly laughs for a national anthem,

They said a jester couldn’t rule,
But how is any lord more suited?
So we continue our cheers,
Long laugh the King.

There was a paltry man,
A common fixture of our alehouse,
Who was a garden variety coward,
Yellow eyes and yellower in heart,
Skeletal in build and gall,
Perpetually shaking even in the summer heat,
Quaking at every clang or cheer,
An embarrassment to his house,

But as the lager piles up,
Something would shift,
He grew larger and exuded assertiveness,
Adonis blended with Hercules,
Like Popeye with his spinach,
Hulk with his rage,
Gutsily if an iota dizzily,
Standing up to those pub bully boys,

Until the next morning,
He would remain a drunken silverback,
When once again his reflection would strike fear,
To none but himself.

Feeling a touch nonsensical today,
Feeling a dash ridiculous,
My mind is scarlet jelly,
These thoughts are hundreds and thousands,

Once lost which way does a page turn?

Can a cookie become a chef?

Does winter prevail in many competitions?

Can a merchant learn to sale a ship?

Does my coffee need some medicine?

Can a mansion ever be a lady?

Random thoughts dart about,
I know I’m not making any sense,
But did I ever?


Hell is a refuge for the misunderstood and the heaven-scorned.
All of the underdogs of the world reside there.
Infernal misfits and demonic scum.
Lamenting our deprivation of a refuge.

Shoved and driven to this sanctum by so-called divine hands.
Angels are simple haughty liars.
The Un-maker of Worlds took us in.
Abominable and glorious our new god is.
Now read each first letter and repeat with us.