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I’ve been told I should leave a kingdom,
My own domain of art,
A legacy to stand the trials of time,
So I began placing pebbles,
One-by-one as the years pass,
Painstakingly arranging a Stonehenge,
A monument of words and mineral,
Constructing some facsimile of a nation,
My soon-to-b empire,
I’ve started small,
I’m no colossus,
I’m only able to move stones thus far,
But I’m measuring up the boulders,
And the mountains after that.

Today we earn our keep,
With sire and sibling,
We work through the day,
Sunrise to sundown,
Sweat becomes bricks,
While effort becomes cement,
Strain begets architecture,
Humanity breeds hovels,

Old homes become new,
To a subpar radio soundtrack,
With the muck and hammer,
Mortar and trowels,
Bricks and plaster,
We’re building a new world,
On top of an old one,
Or perhaps in spite of it.