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A continuation of sorts of ‘The Sinking Of The Dead Jester’.

Here I recount a tale of a pointless wreck,
On this frosty night of many ales,
You know nobody cried,
Nobody cared when the vessel went down,
The ports paid no ceremony,
The admiralty sent no search parties,
Nobody cared,
The vessel descended to no fanfare,
Now the old Dead Jester slumbers,

Every fathom down the ocean air sighed,
Relieved to be rid of this wretched circus,
A wooden skeleton amidst sand and coral,
Spine broken across ocean rocks,
A wreck untouched,
Not even the fishes were intrigued,
Clown meat tasted oddly riotous you see,
This graveyard of inadequacy fed no life,
Octopuses set up pebble cordons warding off all-comers,

The lost souls here continue to bicker and wrestle,
This crew of mimes and jokers,
They were destined for this abyssal limbo,
One trickster was spat back out by the kraken,
The first mates corpse choked a great white,
Souls forsaken by even Davy Jones,
You see this sinking was a detriment to the sea,
This boats life and death were an insult Mother Nature and Poseiden,
A cancer unable to be excised.

Here I tell you a tale quite grim,
On this gelid autumn eve,
Of a vessel taken by the great blue,
A languid ship dubbed the Dead Jester,
Of no particular valour nor deed was this ship known,
Save for the incompetence of its circus of a crew,
Captained by a blind clown of advanced years,
A lookout unable to discern port from star,
And helmed by a mute convicted maniac,
The locker had only to wait for its prize,
The waves have all the time in the world after all,

This abomination of a crew,
They were destined for the abyss,
They had no care for this fate though,
There were nightly mutinies over scraps,
Every malm travelled was stricken with insane discontent,
Clowns wrestled with jugglers over imaginary lifeboats,
One man carved a hole in the hull looking for god,
The ship obliged yet in the wrong direction,
As the terminal aspect of the vessel descended,
No souls of worth were lost,
None shall be missed or mourned.