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Good day inmates!

I hope you’re having a great day and excellent week so far. It’s been an alright one, with plenty of stuff going on. Plenty of nice weather as well (until today ironically). I got my hair cut yesterday after way too long. I look at least vaguely human now. I’ve also been quite happy with the poems so far this week. Though I would say they have been a bit more on the introspective side, particularly looking at our societies. So yes, all in all, a pretty decent week. I struggle to think of any complaints to be honest. That may be a first…

So, its the time of the week for the Harlequins writing music! I still find myself being amazed that I’ve actually kept this up now for 81 parts. It’s simply mind-blowing. I’m not stopping now either! As usual, I had a clue for todays theme posted on my social media a few hours ago. Did anybody get it?

Well, the theme for todays music choices is the paranormal. Ghosts in particular of course. People have written numerous songs over the years about being haunted, ghost stories and all manner of hereafter-related shenanigans. The afterlife is a total mystery to all of us, whether you are religious or not. We don’t know for sure what happens. So, peoples ideas and beliefs have inspired music about the subject. It lends itself well to musical interpretation. Do we remain here after our demise? Do we go elsewhere? Are there beings around us that we can’t see? I think the idea of musical ghost stories is awesome and it does tie into my love of horror quite a lot too.

So, lets give this a go eh? Join me as we delve into the musical minds of spectral artists the world over!

King Diamond – The Invisible Guests

VoicePlay – Grim Grinning Ghosts

Avenged Sevenfold – Afterlife

Iron Maiden – The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg

Jen Titus – O’ Death

And there we have it for another edition! How was that? Quite a variety of incarnations of the paranormal or afterlife there don’t you think? There were quite a few others that I could have chosen, but I must confess this may have been the hardest theme I’ve chosen so far. So many songs use the name “Ghost” or Ghosts” but aren’t talking about the paranormal or anything even resembling ectoplasm. For shame I say! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my choices this week and catch me back here again next week for another shot of musical “goodness”.

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Until next time, have a very crazy day inmates!