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The blogosphere,
This bionic web of broaching subjects busily,
Akin to a brother of a gallery building,
Bringing beauty to the bustling bunchs,
Beguiling brainchilds,
And boisterous begetters,
A bible for bibliophiles,

A bountiful ballad of books,
A bedlam of benign braggarts,
Blue art and burgundy art,
Babbling and baying,
Blending like a beautiful wine of bravura,
Bring on the baroque banquet,
More blogging,
Let’s be bloggers.

The Earth is amidst a storm,
Grey and ghastly skies,
But let us not forget,
When the world is taking in water,
There are those who wish for the future,
To have an upward trajectory,
For division to be subtracted,
Those whose years have not yet seen the gloom,

The youths wield their weapons,
Spraycans and paint,
They wash the drab away,
With images of doves,
And purple fingers crossed,
A mural of prismatic positivity,
In violets and teals,
Tattooing the world with hopeful graffiti,

I envy their zeal,
They wave and call to hopes light,
As it crosses the street,
Elusive hat brim floorward,
Does hope hear them?
Does it see their art?
Does it hear their pleas?
Or does it continue on into the rain?

I have a furnace within me,
I think we may all do,
A source of flame within,
An internal hephaestus,
We are all smiths,

Pain is fuel,
Struggle is simply material,
Anguish another paint stroke,
The hurts of life,
Become as grist for the fire,

Our experiences are the forest,
From which we draw our lumber,
Our products come in many forms,

From flames,
The artist creates beauty,
And messages,
Still hot from the forge,
We can all be artisans,
Ready to take the hammer,

To the furnace within.