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Hello there inmates!

Here’s hoping you’re all having a fabulous day. There have been some big changes for the asylum, thats for sure. I have moved to a new home, in the next town over from my previous one. You may have seen some photos on my social media sites earlier. I’ve also been finding more work, so money issues are better as well. Im feeling like a wellspring of positivity right now, its a grand feeling. My smile isn’t so much glued on anymore, it’s genuine. It feels so different to how I felt this time last week.

So, its time for yet another volume of the Harlequins writing music today. We’ll be diving into five musical artists today that help inspire me and spur me on when im writing or simply relaxing. As always, I’ll try to vary it as much as possible, to hopefully include something for everyone! Lets have a good time eh? Haha!

So, join me as we delve into the musical minds of superlative artists the world over!

Bad Lip Reading – Seagulls (Stop it now!)

Chills – Stranger

Megaherz – Fur Immer

Jessie J – Domino

Angerland – The Clown King

So there we have it for another edition of the Harlequins writing music!

I hope that I have included something that will interest everybody! I tried to include some lesser known artists this time, I’m sure they’d all love the attention so send them some love my fellow inmates! Hehe!

So, time for some shilling nonsense now I suppose! I have a Facebook page, a twitter account and an Instagram page for the asylum. It’d be wonderful if you could join us over there, it is sometimes entertaining! Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, it’d mean a lot to me if you’d support me over on the Ko-fi page!

So, here’s to another good week! Have a very crazy day inmates!