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Do you believe there are plainly good or wicked people?
One or the other?
Cut and dry?
Then allow me to tell you a tale,
A tale of the Aluminium Man.

He came unannounced from the mists,
Adamant yet flexible,
Rigid yet mutable,
A metallic body from the bowels of the earth,
A brain of unfeeling electrons,
Iron appendages and a spheroid lower body,
A heart like an on/off switch.

He once found employ at an orphanage,
He was regarded as highly as an angel,
Protecting the children and aiding the nurses,
Reading tales of joy and grilling luscious meals,
The people saw him as a true altruist,
A man as resolute as platinum,
Even as his heart feels nothing.

He once served a tyrant,
He was considered a demonic reaper for his lord,
Sweeping armies aside and terrorizing the conquered,
Slaughtering pretenders and executing saints,
The realm saw him as a monstrous butcher,
A man as noxious as lead,
Even as his heart feels nothing.

So next time you seek to judge a persons actions,
Think of the Aluminium Man,
A man can be as flexible as aluminium,
A woman as changeable as cold steel,
Is there truly good and evil?
Or is a person forged by the setting around them?
Do we act how we are fashioned in a given moment?

Like the Aluminium Man,
Regardless of our actions,
Do our hearts feel nothing?