I dreamed I was set upon by wrongdoers,
They wore masks of my own visage,
Incarcerating me in my own den,
Setting about butchers work upon me,
Slicing and beating and burning,

A transformation by gore,
Replacing my veins with barbed wire,
Restitching the whole,

They plucked out my eyes,
Garnets set in their place,
Azure shifting bloody,

They screwed horns into my scalp,
And forced fangs into my gums,
As well as a Chelsea smile,

I shed no tears nor cried out,
I was merely a spectator,
An observer to the scalpels and needles,

I had been mutilated,
A slaughtered scrap of meat,
But there can be no doubt,
I finally looked without,
As I am within.

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