Hello again inmates!

It’s been a rather emotional week already. Yesterday in particular was certainly a long one but we got through it. Yesterdays poem was rather important for me to write about the particular situation, but as I mentioned before I won’t be going into any details. I hoped the poem would at least give some clues without being all “Oh, woe is me!”, you know? So how about all of you? How are you all doing? I hope all of your personal and creative endeavours are going as well as they possibly can out there. It’s rather cold again, with some places getting a lot of snow so I’ve heard. You better be keeping safe out on the roads! The island generally tends to avoid snow most years, only receiving a bit of frost or sleet. As a bike rider, it’s a bit of a godsend.

So it’s the day of the week for the Harlequins writing music y’all! Did anybody see the clue today? It was something of a red herring in a way. The theme of the day could have been one of two ideas that I had and the clue kind of related to both. I can’t say it was planned though, it was just me being indecisive!

The theme of this weeks writing music is, in fact, vampires! It was either going to be vampires or canines. You see what I meant about the clue now? But yes, for this week, we’re talking about those bloodthirsty lord and ladies of the night. From Dracula to Nosferatu. From the Lost Boys to 30 days of night. From Queen of the damned to… I’m not going to say that sparkly vampire film because hell no! However they appear, they are most certainly a staple of the horror genre, though they often find themselves in other scenarios as well. As with many horrific creatures, they obviously have inspired artists of all kinds, not just musicians. It’s easy to be afraid of a creature that looks like us, but is something a whole more savage and unknowable. Musically, I think the mind would probably jump to the gothic subgenre, but there is other stuff out there. I’m going to attempt poorly to do that for you today. Want to see what I can do? Or rather the music artists can do?

Well then, join me as we delve into the musical minds of nocturnal artists the world over!

Ghoultown – I Am The Night

Annie Lennox – Love Song For A Vampire

Semblant – Dark of the Day

Blue Oyster Cult – Nosferatu

Roky Erickson – Night of the Vampire

And there we have it for another week! What do you all think of these choices eh? Anybody else have a thirst for blood all of a sudden? Only me? Oh bugger. Well, remember if strange pallid looking gentlemen in old clothes knocks at your door, be sure to not invite them in. On the other hand, I hope you check out all of these artists and send them some love as well!

Speaking of some love, would you kindly allow me some? The social media kind that is! The asylum has some sites that are just salivating at the thought of you following or liking them. It would mean a great deal to me if you did check them out. The asylum has a page over on Facebook, an account over on Instagram and lastly and leastly a page over on Twitter as well. Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well. Thanks for everything!

Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!


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