Are we not living a virtual reality?
Are we living in binary?
Chrome-filled goggles over our eyes,
Flashing every shade of ruby,
Screens of ones and zeroes,
Winners and losers,

It’s a life within a life,
As if nature were moved to the recycle bin,
It’s all apps and numbers on screens,
And media that is less than social,

This VR world,
It’s a misery machine,
It’s not living,
And when it gets too much,
When our eyes are straining,
Can we even take the headset off?

  1. jai says:

    Eloquently expressed. I don’t see things in this department improving. We’re all emotionally moving farther away from each other while so many, especially younger people, are splashing the most intimate details of their lives all over social media. As for myself, except for WordPress, I avoid social media.

    • Osharlequin says:

      Thank you my friend! I completely agree with you there. People are simply not living real lives anymore, everything has to be for the ‘likes’ and such. I probably would avoid social media myself if it weren’t something of a necessity.

      The Oldschool Harlequin

    • shauna says:

      It’s a quandary to be sure. But I have several people that i otherwise wouldn’t have reconnected with had it not been for social media (Facebook). I have learned how to filter what I read. But I totally understand your feelings.

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