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I have a friend abroad,
A dutiful witch of white,
To whom I owe praise,
You’ve been there for some time,
Though we have never shaken hands,
With your advice and your Dermot Kennedy,
Your temperance and your magic,

You speak to me on electrical channels,
In the wise chords of shamans,
Reaching miles under moonlight,
Even across wave and cliff,
The words and incantations still reach,
Like owls upon the wing,
A true friend.

Thank you Mel.

When I was young,
I once had a nightmare,
A dream of the most surreal kind,
Was it some ghost?
A bogeyman?
Nothing so mundane I’m afraid,
It was an orb floating in my room,
A ball of yarn unravelling,
With the consistency of intestines,
Of offal,
Crimson weeping from it,

An alien gurgling emanated from it,
Mocking my own heartbeat,
I was struck dumb by it,
Unable to move,
Bloodshot eyes fixated,
Until the yarn was almost unwound,
But then I awoke,
So what did it mean?
I’ve never sussed it out,
I’m not closer to understanding,
I fear I never will.

Under motionless skies,
I stand here,
More perplexed than usual,
I’ve lost my sense of direction,
Or perhaps purpose,

Surrounded by dirt roads,
In all conceivable directions
Twisting about each other like vipers,
Some lined with hellfire and caltrops,
Others with pine trees and skinwalkers,

No path onward is safe I fear,
Even those coated in glitter and sun,
Is this what being lost is?
No signposts to offer clarity,
So what do I do?

Take a step?

The wine glass shatters,
A porcelain heart with it,
The table launches skyward,
This is a crisis,
And there are only two responses,
Two options,
Fight or flight,

Do you flee tail betwixt your legs?
Living to war another day,
Or do you attack?
Rip and tear the shards back together,
The amygdala kicks in,
That reptilian conductor in your head,
Decreeing these two human conclusions,

Time has not paused,
So what is to be done?
Grey matter already told you,
It’s fight or flight,
Inaction is no option,
So spar for them,
Or scram for yourself.

Greetings inmates!

I hope that you are all doing good this week. I’m going to be very upfront with you all today: I’m not all too great right now. This so-called slump has still continued to linger for yet another week and so it’s hard to still regard it as just a low mood, you know? I’ve not really helped myself in some aspects to be fair, so that may be contributing as well. I don’t say any of this for sympathy you understand. I deserve none. It’s just my nature to keep y’all apprised of the goings-on here is all. I’ll be ok, but I daresay you should expect a few more dreary poems in the coming days. Or maybe I just have Seasonal Affective Disorder eh? That would explain a lot, the British weather has indeed continued to decline this week.

So I’ll just get into it this week. Did anybody see todays musical theme clue? It may be quite obvious to be honest, especially after reading that first paragraph. You can probably guess without even seeing the clue honestly.

Todays writing music theme is, to nobody’s shock, the throes of depression. Hardly surprising, as I said! It’s one of those primary Human emotions isn’t it? Happiness isn’t happiness without sorrow. I’ve likely even done a writing music post on sorrow before to be honest, I struggle to recall. You know when you’re feeling sad about something, whether it be a breakup or a falling-out, whether you have suffered a loss or you struggle with your mental health, sometimes it’s needed to just have a good cry. To get it out. That’s what today is about. You need to work through the pain and tears and you stand a good chance of returning to yourself. It’s a slightly masochistic method I suppose but sometimes it is the way. That’s not to say that would work for everyone or every situation, but I can only a speak for myself. I’m going to share some sad songs that I particularly enjoy (if that is the right word) today. So, here goes.

Please join me as we delve into the musical minds of blue artists the world over!

TroyBoi – On My Own

Mob – Night Comes To Save You

VNV Nation – Illusion

Avenged Sevenfold – So Far Away

The Fray – How to Save a Life

And there we have it! I hesitate to say that I hope you enjoy todays musical choices, but I hope they made you feel something at least. I implore you to check them all out regardless, they do have tracks that aren’t depressing too you know. One last point before we get to my stupid social media spiel: If you’re feeling particularly depressed or down on yourself, please talk to someone close to you. Failing that, perhaps seek professional help. Even if you do use music to fight through it, you shouldn’t be silent if the sadness is causing real problems. There’s enough sorrow in the world as it is.

So, now on to that social media spiel. The asylum has a few social media pages that can be found on my “Contact Me” page, but I’ll include links to my most-used sites here as I do every week. The asylum has a page over on Facebook, an account on Instagram and I do still have a Twitter account as well. Please think about following and liking me over on those as well as this blog. Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well. Thank you my friends!

Until next week, keep your chins up and have a very crazy day inmates!

The mundanity has set in,
Like ink upon a lyric sheet,
The world reduced to a dour hum,
The previous verse has ceased,
The last bout of wonder is done,
The choir sets a generic rhythm,
Line by line,
And day by day,

Now it’s just by the numbers,
Yet maybe I am mistaken,
I’d like to think so,
Perhaps this is just the chorus,
The reprieve,
More of the same,
Before a new verse,
A new start,
A new stimulus.

The rain has me,
And I her,
For her I am a pluviophile,
So I don’t seek shelter,
In her mist I sit rueful,
Yet still am I embraced,
She runs over me,
Serenading me in raw cacophony,
Millions of notes performed on asphalt,
As we sob together,
Lament together,
Sigh Together,
Cut Together,

All in water,
All in blue.

Above any other,
I disappoint myself,
Especially when I’m the cause of hurt,
Whether by harsh conduct or foul mood,
I too am let down by my life,
What ought to be an auspicious time,
Is just grinding gears and spinning wheels,
Progress feels like a dream,
The writing upon the wall,
And word on the street,
Just go to show what I am,
A disappointment.

I saw him again,
My nemesis,
Yet again,
Scowling at me in the edge of my vision,
In that blasted mirror,
He’s my foe,
The one who could destroy me,
For my solutions,
He brings issues,
For my failures,
He has ridicule,
Animosity from my own tongue,
Laughing with my own face,
Yet I stay my fist from the mirror,
To slay this enemy,
It would only mangle myself,

But you my reader,
My ally,
When you peer into glass or water,
Do you too have a nemesis?

Our spirits are polyglots,
Did you know this?
They can speak many languages,
Even tongues unknown to man,
They converse without our knowing,
Master linguists trapped in luddite bodies,

It is why lovers can talk with their eyes,
Infants know the warmth of a parent,
Why a soldier stands frim beside brothers,
And monsters congregate in packs,

I daresay their work is an uphill fight,
Division is the common tongue of man,
They display it every day,
Unlike we humans,
Souls see each other,
And they listen.