I once met a woman at the watering hole,
She spied me across the pine bar,
Sultry eyes with rum held in gaunt fingers,
There was something fated here,
A once in a lifetime event I fear,
I had to approach,
Drawn like an inevitable end,

A bell tolled somewhere else,

She was a deathly tempting creature,
A pallid face and sunken eyes,
Her ebony dress hung tight,
As if only bone hid beneath,
She spoke through knife edges,
Honeyed words upon a scythed tongue,
The dialogue flowed like deathbed tears,

A bell tolled close by,

She pecked me upon one cheek,
Leaving a chill signature,
She turned and beckoned me,
A fell wind followed her step,
It was love,
So I joined her,
And my lips turned blue,

A bell tolled by my ear.

  1. Dangerous liaisons not a good idea.
    Stay away indeed from “Honeyed words upon a scythed tongue”.

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