We are all automata,
Little toys of questionable longevity,
Following a set pattern,
Fashioned of matchsticks and turpentine,
We were left on some Geppetto’s worktable,
The crank was turned eons ago,
Starting out cyclical dramas,
Our faux miracles and science fairs,
You see,
Our autonomy is but an illusion,
We are but puppets,
And we can only follow the sequence,
Like any other mechanical curio,
Trapped in this cycle,
Until the inertia dies away.

  1. I believe there is a formula that explains every movement nature, the universe, and physics make. i don’t believe in random. if we can find that formula we can calculate so many things about the future. However I think it would be like an ant trying to figure out how to drive a car. Maybe in the far far off future if mankind has not offed itself someone may figure out that formula. just a theory of mine.

  2. Perhaps, one gets in motion for a greater purpose…at least I would like to think so. Marvelous extended metaphor my friend.
    Powerful line:
    “Our autonomy is but an illusion,”

  3. Jodine says:

    Yes, we have always been the slaves since every creation theory ever recorded

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