Why be afraid of that clown?
The one in that alleyway,
He may be a touch unhinged,
But he just wants you to laugh,
Cackle until you double over,

Don’t you love his gaudy costume?
Black and emerald with bloody accents,
It’s just paint,
Arterial red they call it,

What of his face?
Pale as a corpse,
And a bulbous nose from another,
Oh and that fabulous painted grin,

Don’t you like his hijinks?
A fake flower that sprays vinegar,
See how he juggles grenades,
Dancing gayly on those gravestones,

He’s a modern day jester,
You don’t have to fear,
No need to quake in your britches,
He just wants to see you smile,
But parlour trick or razor.

  1. Juggling grenades!! Oh my.
    Thanks for the new word introduction. I had not heard of coulrophobia before. Cheers.

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