Between the heart and brain,
Emotion and sense,
Lies a diplomatic table,
Bestrewn with spilled bourbon and old photos,
We play the translator,
Pulled between two rivals,
These belligerents of an intermittent war,
They do not share a language,
Their approaches do not align,

One is a warlord,
An impetuous sort,
Pumping red wine and hot air,
Dancing with mayhem,
The other is a schemer,
A reptilian vizier,
All double-speak and calculations,
Cold and always right,
Two true opposites,

So it falls to the interpreter,
We have to make sense of it all,
Bridge the language gap,
Decide the course of action,
Impulse or artifice?
Which do you favour?

  1. shauna says:

    Tough choice for sure! There are days that I can be calculating, and there are other days I am impulsive—especially when it comes to putting my mouth in gear before engaging my brain!

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