Everyone wears a mask,
Crude facsimiles of paper and card,
The world is a ball after all,
A party with cheap cologne and lipstick,
Aost pass through without trying the hors d’oeuvres,

These veils,
Most wear them to shield themselves,
To fit in and mollify our insecurities,
But some wear them to hide their intentions,
Desires foul and machinations fouler,

I knew of one such disguised creature,
Innocent without,
And abominable within,
When she smiled,
A slew of adders followed suit,

Brunette locks and empty eyes,
A pure appearance with horns,
Fead animals left on doorsteps,
The mask barely grips on,
As if it regrets compliance.

  1. Yes, there are many sides to masks
    I like the stark canvas of a dance/ party you used. Well done!

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