Beware the darkest of nights,
When the moon hides,
The air grows heavy with the stink of formaldehyde,
And even the toms bite their tongues,
Be sure to stay under your duvet,
And close your curtains tight,
For the gangly man may be paying a visit,

A demon,
Or mayhap something fouler,
As tall as a house,
With legs like circus stilts,
And arms just as gaunt,
A bogeyman prowling the streets,
Awkwardly prancing between streetlamps,

In a patchwork suit,
He seems to stride in abject agony,
Creaking and moaning,
He has vipers for fingers,
Slithering along bedroom windows,
Peeking with many eyes,
Hungering with no maw,

Knock knock,
Knock knock at your window.

  1. In Spanish lore also know as El Coco. I still fear the Coco. Yeah. I do try very hard to let my logical mind beat up my illogical mind. But it doesn’t always win.

  2. Scarry stories to tell in the dark. In the West Indies, he is called The Jujoob Man. Your version sounds scarier. Yor art work is great 👍

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