Those who create art are unique beasts,
We creatures of colour and pain and surrealism,
And too often shunned like wild dogs,
Written off,
So I scribe here,
With an old quill,
A formal declaration,
For our affliction,

We The Artists,

The ones in dark-lit studies,
The ones confined to the cold outside,
Those who truly survey the world,
Authors and painters and sculptors,
Musicians and poets alike,
We are not you,
We are untamed and free,
Speaking ink and pigment,

Hail The Artists,

We’re observers,
Separate from your monotony,
Unassuming little eyes,
But a word of caution,
Don’t hurt an artist,
They’ll write about and paint you,
Showing the world the real you,
In all of your imperfection,

Fear The Artists,
We The Artists.

  1. An anthem! Yes to the artists ✍️ 💖

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