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That well,
At rest amongst the ivy,
That ritual circle of brick,
With its watery maw,
They say it can grant wishes,
For a modest toll,
Of a single copper,
Visible are past offerings beneath the surface,

I don’t believe it,
It’s too good to be true,
That water is a trap,
Wishes are fairytales,
And wishes are bait,
I don’t trust the ocean,
How could I trust this well when water kills?
There be shipwrecks and leviathans.

Hello inmates!

How are you all finding the day? The week? That’s wonderful! I hope you are all being careful in this heat. This is one hell of a heatwave for the UK and I hear that mainland Europe is not faring so well either. Keep hydrated and keep to the shade as best you can my friends! I understand that it can be hotter in other parts of the world, but what you need to remember is the UK isn’t all too prepared for these conditions. Still, I’m rather liking it myself aside from when I’m at work of course. I’d take this over winter any day of the year. Proper loud music and cider weather this is!

Speaking of music, it’s the day of the week where I share some with y’all! Did anybody see the musical theme clue I shared earlier on today? It was actually potentially misleading simply because it could allude to more than one thing. The best kind of clue eh?

Okay, that’s enough suspense. The musical theme for this weeks Harlequins writing music is guitar solos! That’s a bit different ain’t it? I’d say the majority of genres out there utilise guitars, but I think when it comes to solos, you will definitely be leading towards rock-and-roll and metal. Not exclusively of course. But traditionally, you’ll find some of the greatest guitar solos in rock or metal bands. Bands like Dire Straits, Trivium or Metallica. There are also some notable solo artists that are lauded for their guitar solos. Think Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix or Slash. These pseudo-intermissions act as a centrepiece to a song and have the added bonus of being customisable on the fly! Need the solo sped up, shortened or even lengthened? A master guitarist can make it happen. I just love hearing a crowd go mental when a solid solo kicks. Oh, just thinking about it makes me want to ‘air guitar’ myself! And I can’t play guitar for crap! Let’s get some music going eh?

Please join me as we delve into the musical minds of guitar artists the world over!

Eric Clapton – Crossroads

Pantera – Floods

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

Ozzy Osbourne – Mr. Crowley

Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing

And there we have it! You can put the air guitar down now! Some very good solos there eh? There were so many to choose from, so this is likely another theme I shall revisit. I actually aimed for “softer” bands on this occasion, aside from picking Pantera. That may shift next time though. Haha! I hope you have enjoyed my picks for this week and check out these bands always. Let me know what your favourite guitar solos are, that’d be awesome!

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As always, have a very crazy day inmates!

Oh women of Italia and beyond,
Do you suffer in your daily lives?
Bruised by the fists of an abusive spouse?
Is even your home an unsafe arena?
Rush ye to Lady Tofana,
She may hold your salvation,
Though it shall cost you your virtue,

She shall offer you a deadly solution,
The poisoners bounty,
Lead and arsenic and belladonna,
All wrapped up in cosmetic mask,
With St. Nicholas presiding,
A tasteless and crystal clear death sentence,
For that special man in your life,

An unsavoury state of affairs perhaps,
But when a woman is pushed too far,
There may be no other recourse,
Than to call on Lady Tofana,
And her Manna di San Nicola.

Oh yes,
There is joy in the air,
Visible to the eye,
Heralded in myriad colours,
A thousand little specks of paper,
Fragments of a rainbow given flight,
A host of manmade fairies,
Dancing and raving on the breeze,
I do declare,
Whatsoever the occasion,
Nuptials or Pride or a festival,
You know it is a merry time,
A time for genuine smiles,
When the confetti flies.

Exhaustion haunts me,
A veil I struggle to remove,
An unwanted crown,
Bringing me low,
And holding me there,

It’s not that rest is rare,
Or sleep is elusive,
It’s that the repose is hollow,

I’m not talking energy levels here,
But the condition of a soul,
Bearing the weight of too many worlds,
Rightly or wrongly,
An exhausted spirit piloting a capable body.

Our imagination can be a bomb shelter,
A shield against plight,
We can simply close our eyes,
And float away,
To find a safe place,
A world of our own making,
Where we can be our own monarch,
Our own imaginary friend,

It’s not a solution perhaps,
This mental palace of solace,
But it’s a necessary buffer,
Make-believe is a way to cope,
To escape,
So imagination is vital,
To deny the worlds attempts,
To break your ailing spirit.

I swear some men are made of jelly,
And some ladies of taffy,
They bounce back from any ill,
Whether by their own design or not,
Keeping their original shape,
No dents or wounds,
Still smelling of lollipops and cologne,

Deep down however,
Some desserts are truly unhealthy,
Despite the tasty exterior,
They are made from compost,
Closet skeletons and dead flies,
They provide only heartache and ulcers,
And yet still come up stinking of daisies.

Oh to be a cyborg,
A factory-built Pinocchio,
To keep the undeniable qualities,
The cerebrum and heart and sensations,
Of a real man,

Blended with a physique of mineral,
Unfazed like an ingot,
A skeleton and carapace of steel,
Undeterred by time,
Impervious and cold,

The best aspects of each,
Iron and flesh,
The virtue and ingenuity of humanity,
With the force and adamancy of machinery,
In one body,

In one cyborg.

Good day inmates!

Ain’t it lovely at the moment? The weather and the heat right now. I know that a lot of people are suffering a bit with the temperatures, definitely in my area. I hope people are being careful, utilising sun lotion and staying mighty hydrated! Enjoy the weather, for it won’t last forever. I’m quite liking it myself. I’ve been a lot better this week than I was previously. I’ve far less down and I’m definitely smiling a lot more right now. Hopefully there’ll be fewer depressing poems for a little while eh? Haha!

So, it’s the day of days! The Harlequins writing music is here once again! I shared a clue for todays musical theme earlier today on my social media as ever. It was a pretty obvious one I feel today and I’m sure you all got it right. If you’re on my social media that is!

Todays musical theme is romance! I seem to remember I’ve maybe used this theme before as well. But it’s a very broad subject as you can imagine. I would actually go so far as to say that the “majority” of music created is around the subject of love or adoration. It’s a basic human fact that we feel love for our friends, family and of course, our paramours. Now romance is more centred around a particular kind of love of course, but I felt it was worth mentioning. I don’t feel that I need to really go into an explanation about what romance is or romantic music if I’m honest so how about we get to the songs eh? That’s what we all love!

Join me as we delve into the musical minds of amorous artists the world over!

Yungblud – I love You, Will You Marry Me

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

Bon Jovi – Bed Of Roses

Type O Negative – Love You To Death

Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

And there we have it! Some classics there eh? And some more unusual ones perhaps? Anyone else feeling a bit lovey-dovey? No, me neither. Haha! Alas, I hope that you enjoy the musical choices I’ve gone for today. Check these artists out eh? I’m sure they’d LOVE it! Haha, I’m a comedian!

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Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

I’m not one to brag,
Nor chastise,
But I was right,
Right about what they were,
Their serpentine sneers,
Their mockeries whispered,
I was correct about what they did,
Their aggression,
The strikes they denied,
I was right,
Though this brings me no solace,

Of whom do I speak?
Of her,
Of him,
Of those people,
Whomever intended harm,
I was right.