The planet suffers,
Cracking under human pressure,
Choking on human fumes,
Past generations inflicting coal bruises,
And ozone cigarette burns,
Unnaturally accelerating the stopwatch,

But the ones to suffer the repercussions,
In the decades to come,
The pessimistic youth,
Are the only ones to comprehend it,
Seeing the world without ruby goggles,
Knowing they are the ones to burn,

The elders are in denial I fear,
Or simply uncaring of what won’t harm them,
Children born now are not blessed,
But cruelly sentenced,
To being part of the pessimistic youth,
As the planet boils.

  1. Brilliant and sadly true. Love your metaphorical apologies: ” coal bruises…ozone cigarette burns…through ruby goggles” fantastic writing. Bravo 👏

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