Every soul is a sculpture,
Cut directly from the wombs quarry,
A showpiece in its own right,
Accolades and all,
The finest marble,
The world takes its toll however,
Foul weather and insidious creeper,
The years chew away at your granite,
Artwork defaced by degrees,
By malicious chinks and words like sledges,
You’ll crack and shatter eventually,
If only in part,

Don’t fear though,
This is no detriment to you,
Even a shattered statue has an elegance,
An artistry,
We humans are like that,
Imperfect yet still masterpieces.

  1. I found your poem inspiring and powerfully enriching, my friend. Thank you!
    Love that last line’s message of hope…”we are masterpieces!”

  2. shauna says:

    One of your best yet. Love it!

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