I feel as if I have split from the convoy,
That expedition towards consequence,
And found myself in a desert,
Adrift and inconsequent,
Wandering dunes in delirium,
Desiccating further with each step,

Day and night,
I scan the horizon for the path ahead,
Tracing mirages with my shaking hand,
The heat painting illusions on to my eyes,
Distant skylines and Everests,
Tornadoes and tsunamis,

My throat blisters from the aridity,
I need to sate my thirst,
To be worth something,
If aqua is life,
And life is valuable,
Then I must drink,

But scarcity is the name of the game,
The mirages keep me irrelevant,
To sway me from a drop of value,
There could even be an oasis here,
But I remain lost and wanting,
Worthless amid the barrens.

  1. Well penned. The sense of thirst for something greater always becons the seeker, Amen! Love that last verse!👍

  2. shauna says:

    “Desiccating…” quite the visual there! Bravo!

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