Hello there inmates!

Happy pride month everyone! I hope everyone out there is able to enjoy the month as they should. I don’t actually know a great deal about pride, which is a little bit embarrassing. However, the asylum has always supported people being who they are, so there’s that. So, things have been pretty good for me this last week, workwise and in social terms. Despite the weather being rather changeable, I’ve been able to spend some time with friends a reasonable amount. To no surprise, this included the consumption of a fair amount of alcohol. Naturally. Life doesn’t currently suck.

So, did anybody see todays musical theme clue? It was a photo of a band that some of you may know. A band I have listened to since my early teenage years. Did anybody else get it? Heard the band? Guessed the band?

It was certainly not an unknown band. Even people who don’t typically like their particular genre have likely heard the name. Yes, that’s right! Todays musical theme is Rammstein! A metal/industrial band from Berlin in Germany. Though in the Deutsch tongue, their genre is called ‘Neue Deutsche Harte’, a subgenre of metal that is quite synonymous with Germany and Austria. Hell, I believe the term was coined by the press for Rammstein in particular. How do I begin even talking about these guys? They’re an eccentric bunch, to put it lightly. Known primarily for heavy guitars, unnerving visuals and pyrotechnics. Oh yes, the pyrotechnics! If you ever see a live video of Rammstein, just know that you’ll see almost as many explosions as you would in a violent video game. The lead singer (Till Lindemann) is even a qualified pyrotechnics engineer. Costumes, showmanship and rather amazing mechanical contraptions abound.

Speaking of the vocals, Till sings almost exclusively in German, with the odd bit of English thrown in on some songs. His rather baritone and commanding vocal style blends amazingly with the instrumental violence in the background. They cover some subjects that would scare other artists. From cannibalism to fascism, from sex to politics, from trauma to nudity; just to name a handful. I could go on about them for hours honestly, but I think this explanation has dragged on long enough don’t you? Let’s listen to some of their music eh?

Please my friends, join me as we delve into the musical minds of Rammstein.

Rammstein – Sonne (Live)

Rammstein – Feuer Frei!

Rammstein – Zick Zack

Rammstein – Mein Teil

Rammstein – Angst

Rammstein – Los

And there we have it! Yes I did indeed include a sixth song this week. I just had to you know? I know that perhaps the music of Rammstein won’t be to all tastes, but I urge you to perhaps look into the lyrics (Via translations) because I feel there is a great deal of mastery in the way they talk about various subjects. Some of which can be quite triggering, I suppose. They’re one of my favourite bands and I want more people to listen to them, not that they need the help of course! Haha!

I’ll include the link to their website here of course: https://zeit.rammstein.de/en

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Until next week, auf wiedersehen and have a crazy day inmates!


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