To find the ideas and words to voice ones truth,
We need to delve into the subterrane of our wit,
Descend into those tunnels unmapped,
To excavate those nuggets of self,
And return them to the surface,
To be smelted into artistic ingot,

It’s a mysterious realm in those caves,
That grey matter quarry,
So close yet so alien,
Only fitfully lit by electric neurons,
It’s impossible to know what you could unearth,
Jewels and coal in equal measure,

To discover that most valuable of material,
You must be a spelunker,
A miner,
A dangerous hobby to be sure,
But rewarding in the extreme,
To reveal those diamonds of your minds reserve.

  1. Yes well said…”excavate nuggets of self” and indeed risky but rewarding all the same. Love it!

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