Do you ever feel,
In your most fevered moments,
That you have endeavoured towards the wrong goal?
Your target no longer hooks you,
Like you’re a different man to when you began,
You want for something new,

Changing journeys can be an endeavour itself,
It becomes a trap,
The trek ahead imitates a steel ceiling,
The path behind an MC Escher stairwell,
Like a trail closed behind you,
But no trap is unassailable,

To pivot oneself becomes strife,
Maddening indeed,
And yet,
It is a necessity,
To be upon the right track,
The right endeavour.

  1. A deep soul nourishing piece. A poem worthy of deep meditation. Love the line: “The trek ahead imitates a steel ceiling”😊

  2. Carol anne says:

    very well done I enjoyed this one! ❀

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