This scrawl is all for you,

You’re my biggest fan,
My support network,
My inspiration,
My maternal cheerleader,
Solace is wherever you are,

Every trial I face,
Each scratch and broken bone,
Or tumbling down the foulest fissure,
I stand stalwart,
Because you’re there,

I may be a mummy’s boy,
But there’s no shame,
Quite the contrary,
I’m proud to be your son,
I love you mum.

  1. shauna says:

    I only had daughters…but I dearly love the bonus sons our daughters have chosen! ❤️

  2. no shame in being a mummy’s boy…a vampire’s boy is a different story. 😉

  3. A beautiful poem honoring your mom. Bless you😊👍

  4. Carol anne says:

    nicely done! ❤

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