Hello there inmates!

March is indeed marching on isn’t it? Quite a lot faster than I would have preferred I must admit. How are you all finding it? Good I hope. I’m doing quite well myself. It’s been an uneventful week so far to be honest. I’ve been pretty happy with the responses I’ve been getting to the recent poems. You beautiful people are far too kind! I’m humbled as ever.

So, did anybody get todays musical theme clue? I posted it a bit later than intended today. I may or may not have napped for longer than I ought to have. I thought it was a clever clue, though I’m clearly biased. Haha!

Todays musical theme is kind of a strange one. It’s Playstation. In particular, the “vintage” games of the PSone. As some of you may be aware, I’m an avid gamer and nerd. It’s my primary form of relaxation and escapism. It’s also inspired some of the poems and drawings I’ve created in the past. Though the original Playstation wasn’t my introduction to gaming (the Sega Megadrive can claim that honour), it is probably the console I played the absolute most. It influenced the genres of video game that I fell in love with in years to come and still has some of my favourite games of all time in its catalogue.

So, I figure that some of you may sigh at this theme. “Not videogames Harley! Why u do dis!?”. But I would argue that the musical talent involved in many of these games, particularly ones from Japan, are really quite profound. They had to be, they didn’t necessarily have the graphical fidelity to hold the game up on that merit. I’d not be embarrassed to listen to many of this music in public, same as any band I enjoy. I can’t quite settle on a particular musical genre in the music today, as it depends heavily on the atmosphere and setting of the games it features in. So, let’s see what I can come up with eh? I’m going to display today five of my most memorable tunes from the original era of the Playstation.

Please join me as we delve into the musical minds of Playstation artists the world over!

Nathan McCree – Tomb Raider Main Theme

Nobuo Uematsu – Tifas Theme

Remi Gazel – Harmony

Tappi Iwase – Metal Gear Solid Main Theme

Hiroki Kikuta – Incantation

And there we have it! Some serious nostalgia there, at least for me! Particular mention goes to Nobuo Uematsu, the composer of the majority of Final Fantasy titles (like the one above). He is my absolute favourite composer of all time and his musical output over the years has been superb in my eyes. I would seriously say it would be worth checking out these soundtracks even if you’re not into gaming. They really will surprise you I think.

As for surprises, this next bit isn’t one. I have some social media pages for the blog that would be greatly improved by your attention! The asylum has a page over on Facebook, an account on Instagram and a page over on Twitter as well! Also, if you really enjoy the nonsense here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page as well. Thank you for everything!

Until next week, have a very crazy day inmates!

  1. I love Tomb Raider’s main theme, Great selections, my friend. Cheers.

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