Society has a way of corrupting the best of us,
It is unclear how,
Opulence seems to be insidious like a stalker,
Turning all to gaunt consumers,
Even bastardising superheroes,

Gods brought down to our level,
Awash in vice and stigma,
Their powers become trademarks,
Capes and super-suits degraded to mere logos,
Reducing them to intellectual properties,

Through our modern lens,
They shift from paragons of virtue,
To arrogance personified,
No better than us mere souls,
Full of hollow want and indecency,

Like us they chase the next high,
With nobody to tell them no,
Who could argue with Superman?
Tell off Thor?
Hold the Hulk responsible?

Who could save the day,
When the heroes are instead pursuing dollars?
It is a sad day indeed,
When heroism is about numbers and shares,
Rather than the act itself.

  1. Love your artwork!
    Yes, when vices are touted as virtues..trouble is not far behind.

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