This rain must be acid,
For it burns my eyes like salt,
Forges my hair grey anew,
My painted smile is corroded,
Along with the light heart that evoked it,
Contentment withered by sulphuric clamour,

Every impact sears a new trauma,
Acerbic emotional pollution,
Misery by a million raindrops,
My skin hissing under their tumult,
All hints of joy are contaminated,
Yellowed and scalded,

The sky wouldn’t see me happy,
Drenching me would not prove cruel enough,
So I am subject to this burning at the stake,
Flaming torches in each sour drop of dew,
I’m eaten away,
Degraded to this mournful industrial waste.

  1. Powerful comment on the effects of the world on one’s persona. Deep
    Lovely line: “Misery by a million raindrops,”
    -says it all right there.

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