I find my minds eye is clouded,
Marred by ocular madness,
By the squiggles,
Shapes appearing like a vinyl,
Little lines dancing about as couplets,
A disco in my vision,
A riot before me,
No colours,
Just monochrome,
They silently play tag with my focus,
Frolicking away before I can make them out,

I seem to have a million friends in my eyes,
Or is it my imagination?
Insanity finally seizing control?

  1. shauna says:

    Interesting analogy. Yesterday I described my mind as being a focused as a squirrel…and our chief nursing officer who was observing our processes in our department said her family has commented she is still in squirrel mode when she gets home…

    I like squiggles. Sometimes it helps to just let them squiggle away until something focuses, lol.

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