I stood there judging the sky,
Wondering what it all means,
The grey answers back in spite,
Scorn upon the clouds,
A copious downpour of rain descends,
Speaking in tongues,
The scent of fresh lawn and dew rises in chorus,
It burns my eyes,

This interaction draws on for hours,
It collides with insults upon asphalt,
A cacophony drowning out my thoughts,
Thunder quakes distantly joining the orchestra,
This blue veil the downpour has laid over me,
And the chills that comprise it,
They whisper in my ear,
Who am I to judge the sky?

  1. Well penned imagery. Love the lines
    “Speaking in tongues” and
    “A cacophony drowning out my thoughts”
    The linkages to thought and speech nicely intertwine. Well penned piece👍👍😊

  2. Carol anne says:

    Awesome poem!! Thats great! xoxo

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