Our lives are Broadway shows,
A starring role for every soul,
Glamour and pomp to be sure,
But misery abound in equal measure,
Every continuance drawn to a genre,
Which demesne does your life fall?

Is it a Greek tragedy?
An overbearing tirade of unfortunate episodes,
Maybe your life is a thriller?
A slithering story with fangs of menace and twists of scale,
Perhaps a horror is more your style?
A tale of mundane cruelty and human monsters,

Could your life be a comedy?
Absurd scenarios and guffaws aplenty,
Or is it a feel-good story?
A silver spoon journey to a silver casket,
Could your life even be a romance?
A lifelong game of will they won’t they,

The possible genres we fall into are legion,
As numerous as the twinkles in our eyes,
Different experiences in both colour and tone,
The only similarity betwixt these archetypes,
You may already know it,
They all end the same.

  1. Ah well penned. Indeed we all have our “parts” to play. May the be well played. AmenπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

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