Recently my mind has lamented,
That I no longer truly have friends,
More a rogues gallery of acquaintances,
A revolving door of faces,
Past photos with actors vanishing,
Memories growing more indistinct,
And a painfully icy feeling of seclusion,

It’s a curious kind of solitude,
I have family,
And the love of my life,
Warm aegises to preserve my life under,
Yet all else is cold and barren,
A vacuum of unread messages and meetings dubious,
Existence drags away comrades of old and repels new cohorts,

In this dingy opium den I reside,
I find myself gazing outside wistfully,
I recieve no calls,
And feel no inclination to brave the cold myself,
A vicious circle made of photoframe shards,
Loneliness begets loneliness,
Until it becomes all I am.

  1. Seclusion of the creative mind genius gold unearth.😊🌈

  2. Cassa Bassa says:

    🌅 sending some warm sunshine your way

  3. shauna says:

    Sending you warm thoughts as we face dastardly cold temps and snow these new few days here in the Midwest. Days where I would like nothing more than to stay covered in warm blankets with a steaming mug of coffee (or hot tea in the evening). Unfortunately tomorrow I have to venture to work. 🥶

    • Osharlequin says:

      I can only imagine the cold over there right now. It’s bad enough on this little island with the icy winds and a touch of frost! Thank you for the warm thoughts. Sending some your way too and I hope work isn’t too bad for you! ☺️

      The Oldschool Harlequin

      • shauna says:

        Thank you so much my friend! Off this weekend, then dreading Monday. We are to get 4-6 inches of snow here starting tonight through Monday evening. Hubby most likely will be driving me to work. He has a 1979 Ford Bronco which needs some nudging and recharging this weekend, but he has it running again so hopefully it will continue to be “Old Faithful” for us! Lol

      • Osharlequin says:

        One does hope that it all goes well and your trips to work go well. We don’t get too much snow here fortunately.

        The Oldschool Harlequin

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