In a land beyond consciousness,
Where the clouds and birds are frozen in time,
A soft brass tone echoing in the static air,
You find yourself fixated upon an empty coffin,
When you look at this vacant pine box,
What do you see?

A simple final destination?
An inescapable truth of being,
Perhaps a predator after your lifes blood,
Something to be afraid of,
An agitator for the hairs on your neck,

Maybe a cautionary icon?
A reason to look after oneself,
A reason to be thankful for the time you’re allotted,
Something to show respect to,
An apologia to strive for sublimity,

Maybe it’s a grim stimulant,
Galvanising your desire to overindulge,
Playing at gluttony and lust,
The coffin acting as a morbid objective,
Something to aim the crashing car at,

Only you yourself know your outlook on death,
So I ask you again,
What do you see when you gaze at an empty casket?

  1. Carol anne says:

    Wow! Amazing! ❤ Well done I love it!

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