Within the electric jungle of neon,
I found a singular music man,
With a keyboard of 88 keys,
Magnificent to the touch,
An instrument of joy with such depth,
To be heard across oceans,
An entertainer to the core,

If you come across him,
He’ll play you a tune with heavenly finesse,
He’ll be your muse for a good minute,
Notes to act as a rally for spirits of jubilation,
Soundscapes to raise the humours,
The maestro will take any requested arrangement,
Solely to summon a smile,

So while you sip your poison of choice,
Reclined at the end of another day,
Losing yourself in windows of the web,
Take a deep breath,
And click next,
You may meet him too,
And hear those adroit notes yourself.

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Love the musicale imagery with the classical 88 keys piano acoustics reference. The resultant heavenly sounds playing to earthly comfort. An enjoyable read. Thank you

  2. Carol anne says:

    Brilliant! ❀ ❀

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