On this day of all days,
When my years grow overly pointed,
A thought forces its way to the forefront,
A sharp heartbeat of reflection,
A strange method of precognition,
A outre mix of dread and optimism,

I wonder if I should fear aging,
Does it hold monstrosity for me?
Is a mans birthday a tone of a deathknell?
Or a step towards elegance?
The unstoppable tsunami that time is,
One must either float upon it or be crushed,

Does your time pass like deluges between fingers?
Or gracefully like a claret past the lips?
Do you fade to grey in a bland ward?
Or go out in a tumultuous blaze of glory?
The years are a road with an uncertain end,
Either to a gentle hearth or off a cliff.

  1. Well, happy birthday!!. May wisdow, and inner peace celebrate with you. Cheers

  2. shauna says:

    Happy birthday (late)…
    Yes, 30 tends to make one reflect on β€œwhere do I go from here?” In my case, my husband proposed to me on my 30th birthday. (He was 35.) Neither of us had been married before, although we both had dated several prospective folks…
    Here we are 30 years and 2 daughters later. All in all, cannot complain and we are thankful for how things have turned out.
    May you find what (or who) you are searching for. Even if that is only finding yourself. (That is an ongoing quest for most of us I think!)

  3. shauna says:

    You are very welcome! And thank you!

  4. Carol anne says:

    Love this! ❀ ❀

  5. Shruba says:

    Happy birthday! (Belated wishes) hopefully you’ll figure out whatever you think you want to do in life, or maybe that’s the journey itself, the figuring out. πŸ₯³πŸ˜Š

    • Osharlequin says:

      Thank you very much! I’d say I’m more of the mindset that life is itself the journey. A trip that ever in flux. 😊

      The Oldschool Harlequin

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