The year has been a constant terror,
There can be no denial,
A dragon over all of our hovels,
A fell pall over the lives of all,
Health disaster on top of man-made upheaval,
Tantrums of tyrants alongside terminal patients alone,
Every twenty-four hours an incident as well as an achievement,

Many souls lost needlessly,
Whether by virus or inaction or civic ineptitude,
Spectres galvanised by this evil turn of the sun,
Progress grinding into reverse,
Society seeking the worst aspects of time travel,
This year broke us in ways unforeseen,
Though we were willing accomplices,

We must learn from this sadistic year,
Ascertain what sins we created ourselves,
Lest we fly headfirst into a new years fangs,
Horror disguised as hope,
A flytrap waiting for innocent gnats,
Humans in vulnerable aphid costumes,
And it hungers insatiably.

  1. Thank you for this powerful message! And yes, some soul searching is a worthy pursuit in these twilight the year ends. Great share. Thank you!

  2. Carol anne says:

    So relatable! I agree! 2020 was a shit year for us all! ❤

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