Someone must be told,
You sit down to scribble,
A message must be bestowed,
Your current mood is a catalyst,
To drive ahead this heartfelt endeavour,
What shall be the purpose?

What shall this clay golem of characters say?
You scratch varied runes into this parchment,
The magic of emotional discourse,
In ink of tears and smiles,
The reds of disappointment and fury,
The emeralds of jealousy and want,

Your reasons for this missive may be myriad,
Romance or notification or malice,
Meticulously cast upon each word and period,
So that they may confer a spell upon the reader,
A soft caress or spiteful outburst in letters,
Ending with a best regards and an array of X’s.

  1. Oh lovely ❤ love the vibe/imagery in “golem…scratch varied runes into this parchment,” The magic  offering in words to “cast a spell” on the reader, as it were. Brilliant!!

  2. Unique Tales says:

    Nice 😊🎇post

  3. Carol anne says:

    amazing! Love this one! ❤

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