The world is a grim playground,
Innocence turned to horror,
Grainy like an old film,
Featuring a host of unknown actors,
A dusty piano whispers just offscreen,
The people let loose amidst the play equipment,

Not all are having fun though,
Some suffer scrapes and bruises,
Split lips and black eyes,
Screeching in childish fashions,
No children in this play pit though,
Just adults suffering among trifles,

The worlds greyscale toys are deadly,
Paper cuts on dollar bills,
Brain freeze from too many cold drinks,
Tantrums and scuffles,
Accidents in toy planes and cars,
No health and safety here,

It’s enough for anyone to take their ball and leave,
Seek a way out,
Jimmy hung himself on the swings,
Sandra overdosed on skittles on the astroturf,
Billy set up his slide way up high,
Lily drew lines with broken glass in the corner,

This glum park is the game of life,
It is not all fun and frolics,
Not everyone wins,
Yet play time is never over.

  1. Carol anne says:

    such a great poem! ❤ ❤

  2. Brilliant use of extended metaphor of the playrground. You are amazingly gifted. Thank you for this deeply honest and powerful piece. 🙏

  3. shauna says:

    Wow! Funny… I have often reflected that the bullies on the playground usually go on to be bullies later in life. Never reflected on other aspects. This gave me food for thought.

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