Man has forgotten what resides in the darkness,
The creatures and anomalies of the night,
Why our ancestors truly brought about light,
Why they huddled as shadows raved around them,
And shuddered at each dire shriek,

Young ones still shiver at night,
They say children are the most intuitive of souls,
Receptive to things adults no longer see,
Things in the closet and under the bed,
The stink of the supernatural,

In truth those things never left,
They still hunger for gore and skin,
Fangs and talons and maws agape,
Heed your progeny,
We would do well to remember the fear.

  1. Carol anne says:

    very spooky! ❤

  2. There’s fear when younger. With age, sometimes there’s a wish that there was really something to be scared of, as in proof of something after.

  3. Shruba says:

    Somehow I find myself humming Enter Sandman while reading this. xD

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