Every day I seem to witness,
With drawn eyes,
News stories that make me seethe,
Built-in inequality,
Bankers in the slaughterhouses of Wall Street,
Political duplicity,

Impotent old men upon the beaches of society,
Building sandcastles in imperial styles,
Houses of cards,
With sands of ground-up people,
Little voters at the bottom of the ladder,
Each spadeful shrieks in dissent,

The sands mount tall,
Kept strong on designs of grim architects,
The castles are patted down with manifesto lies,
The old men cheer as they rise,
When will the tide come,
And tear these foul empires down?

  1. Wow…fantastic. Powerfully rendered imagery. The extended metaphor of “beach activities” well penned. And, the power of your meaning resound. Well done!
    The lines starting, “Building sandcastles in imperial styles…” …so fine poetry. Bravo.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  2. Carol anne says:

    God only knows, but soon, ! Soon! Xxx

  3. aditwaikul18 says:

    Cool artwork and brilliant words. Kudos.

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