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What is the price of glamour?
The label upon fame,
Is it money?
A monetary tribute?
The biased roll of a die?
How about effort?
Sweat of your brow?
One does not believe so,
It is your very soul,
Your true worth,

No devils here in Hollywood,
It is not hell but a swamp,
Just flesh and blood mosquitoes,
In suits and movie sets,
You’ll be covered in plastic,
And follow a script,
Tied to a narcotic,
And they’ll love you for it,
The brainless throngs,
They’ll applaud as you lose yourself,
Just smile,
There are dollars in your eyes.

A car savaged me,
Its radiator like sharks teeth,
It took my leg unapologetically,
Churned it right up,
Red mist and bone fragments,
Gnashing going gone,

Late at night,
When the memory of that car returns,
Like a hunter in the periphery,
Laying in my abode,
The pangs return,
With no method to sate them,

My leg is now a ghost,
A screaming phantom,
Naught but a flaccid stump,
With but a memory of flesh,
It shrieks into the night,
With syllables of itching agony,

My limb is a disaster zone,
Laid to waste by a steel tornado,
A constant reminder of that beast,
A grave site,
With an epitaph,
Etched in constant painful emptiness.

Hello there inmates!

Here’s hoping you’re all having a fabulous day. There have been some big changes for the asylum, thats for sure. I have moved to a new home, in the next town over from my previous one. You may have seen some photos on my social media sites earlier. I’ve also been finding more work, so money issues are better as well. Im feeling like a wellspring of positivity right now, its a grand feeling. My smile isn’t so much glued on anymore, it’s genuine. It feels so different to how I felt this time last week.

So, its time for yet another volume of the Harlequins writing music today. We’ll be diving into five musical artists today that help inspire me and spur me on when im writing or simply relaxing. As always, I’ll try to vary it as much as possible, to hopefully include something for everyone! Lets have a good time eh? Haha!

So, join me as we delve into the musical minds of superlative artists the world over!

Bad Lip Reading – Seagulls (Stop it now!)

Chills – Stranger

Megaherz – Fur Immer

Jessie J – Domino

Angerland – The Clown King

So there we have it for another edition of the Harlequins writing music!

I hope that I have included something that will interest everybody! I tried to include some lesser known artists this time, I’m sure they’d all love the attention so send them some love my fellow inmates! Hehe!

So, time for some shilling nonsense now I suppose! I have a Facebook page, a twitter account and an Instagram page for the asylum. It’d be wonderful if you could join us over there, it is sometimes entertaining! Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, it’d mean a lot to me if you’d support me over on the Ko-fi page!

So, here’s to another good week! Have a very crazy day inmates!

Today we earn our keep,
With sire and sibling,
We work through the day,
Sunrise to sundown,
Sweat becomes bricks,
While effort becomes cement,
Strain begets architecture,
Humanity breeds hovels,

Old homes become new,
To a subpar radio soundtrack,
With the muck and hammer,
Mortar and trowels,
Bricks and plaster,
We’re building a new world,
On top of an old one,
Or perhaps in spite of it.

My maybe love,
I know our tryst was no certainty,
But the pain is still felt,
As you turn away,
My chest still grows heavy,
As my heart turns to paper,
Prepped for the fireplace,
Did we say goodbye before truly saying hello?

Did we put a pin in it too soon?
Did we thrust steel into its gut too early?
Killed too soon?
Have we committed infanticide,
Of a romance not yet born?
The rain sings our applause,
To a show cut short,
Our characters pulled from the stage,

My maybe love,
My farewell love.

We bow to icons,
All of us,
They control us without our knowledge,
Symbols and portraits and likenesses,
Permeating influence over our cortices,

They’re shapeshifters you know,
They change to suit our ideals,
Or our vices,
Not necessarily malignant,
But still all-consuming,

To one man it could be a godful symbol,
Words from an invisible man,
Commanding words from the past,

The lady over there sees a dollar sign,
The path to prosperity,
The religion of finances and using,

This boy idolises his favourite star,
Tentatively forming a blueprint he wishes to follow,
An icon dictating his lifes path,

Another man looks up to the statue of his leader,
His eyes well with respect,
Even while his taxes rise,

These things are everywhere,
Inanimate perhaps,
But nevertheless powerful,
Billboards and cenotaphs and celebrities,
Icons hold an influence over us,
That rivals even deities.

Today is the day,
Onwards to greater pastures,
The restraints are broken,
Harlequin unleashed,
A cocoon is split open,
A goliath of a moth,
Flying off to a new home,
Harlequin anew,

My grin shall no longer be painted,
My hat no longer worn low,
My dance no more sedated,
Harlequin run riot,
The future begins now,
A vivid lease of life,
The rest of time,
Begins with a single footfall,

Harlequin onwards.

Time oversees us all,
Within its hourglass booth,
Like a tiger unable to maul,
With fangs of sand,

We cannot escape it,
We are leashed to it,
Our bodies wilt and rot,
As the sand falls unquestioned,

The hourglass stands tall,
Upon an iron podium,
Like a dictator,
With gravity a willing sycophant,

A true oligarch,
This Father Time,
Emotionless and unrelenting,
Fists of platinum wearing us down,

And as the sand falls,
We shall fall too,
Into gaping graves,
Such is the edict of time.

This orator,
His words are stout yet beautiful,
Vigorous yet codling,
They are forts for good people,
They form bridges to understanding,

A maestro of the spoken word,
His tongue orders charges of sonic armies,
At such decibel,
As to wake even the dead,
And crack the sky,

We all hear him,
And witness his war on the silence,
His syllables the troops,
His words the tanks,
His utterances commence artillery strikes,

The still is the enemy of learning,
The quiet a cruel dictator,
To stop would invite the enemy back,
The icy silence,
So he cries ever on.

Hello there inmates!

I hope you’re all having a wonderfully splendiferous day today! Apologies for the lateness. I’m having something of a complex time now. Not in a positive way either, I’m afraid. I’m in the process of changing my living arrangements right now. Its much too hot, much too stressful and I’ll be honest, its getting me down. Im also forced to write up this post on my tablet. For these reasons, this post is going to be a lot shorter than usual. Sorry about that.

Its time for yet another edition of the Harlequins writing music. I find few things bring me more calm than a good song from an artist that one knows well. Let’s see what I can come up this time eh?

So, join me as we delve into the musical minds of extravagant artists the world over!

Blur – Park life



Green Day – Basket Case

Scooter – The Logical Song

Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams

Darkseed – Biting Cold

So there we have it for volume of the Harlequins writing music!

Heres hoping that you all give some of these artists a try. They all deserve the attention in my humble opinion. I tried to vary the the list to have well-known artists and more obscure ones. I hope you all appreciate their songs! Don’t make me call the clowns!

As always, I’ve got to include this little blurb here. I have a Facebook page, a twitter account and an Instagram page. Come on down and check them out. I post random little tasty sausages here and there, including clues for my poems a few hours ahead of time. Also, if you enjoy what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over at the Ko-fi page! Thank you all so much.

Hopefully the next post will be more eloquent and less panicked. Until then, have a very crazy day inmates!