Hello there inmates!

I hope you’re all having a nice day today my friends. The weather is still warm and muggy, yet it’s been fairly grey the last day or so. Things here at the asylum have taken a turn for the worse I regret to say. The last couple poems I’ve posted may have indicated some clues I suppose. Now obviously I do not wish to get into any specifics whatsoever, but I felt it would be right to mention it at least. It may affect my posting schedule, is all i’m saying. I’ll keep to it as best I can though. I think it’s going to be an unpleasant experience, but I’ll attempt to keep my head high.

That’s enough vague negativity. So, let’s get straight to brass tacks eh? This is part 44 of the Harlequins writing music! Music makes everything feel more serene, no? I’m going to go back to sharing five artists with you all. I still have many artists to flaunt before you all, of various genres and styles. Don’t you think sharing music with others is almost a form of therapy in itself? Being able to talk about the nuances to the lyrics, how easy it is to “bop” to, the instrumental skill, among other things.

So, without yammering on any longer, join me as we delve into the musical minds of extravagant artists the world over!

The Black Mages – Force Your Way

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

Lily Allen – LDN

NICOLOSI – Wasted Time

Sepultura – Ratamahatta

So there we have it for another showing of the Harlequins writing music!

So, do me a favour eh? Check out a few of these artists for me. Especially the ones you’ve never heard of. They all deserve the attention and I hoped to include a little something for everyone on this list. Tried not to lean too much one way or another. Here’s hoping you enjoy the tunes my beloved inmates!

As always, I shall be including the links to my social media pages here as well. I have a Facebook page, an Instagram page and a Twitter account. It would mean a lot if anybody could follow the asylum on those pages too. I post some random things from my life and I also post clues for my poems a few hours ahead of time. It’s all good fun! Oh and as always, if you like what I do here at the asylum, please consider supporting me over on the Ko-Fi page! No pressure at all of course! Thank you all kindly!

So, until next time, here’s the Oldschool Harlequin signing off, and wishing you all a very crazy day inmates!

  1. Shruba says:

    Omg I love these recommendations! I hadn’t heard anyone before except Sepultra. Lilly Allen has such an upbeat tone but man are the lyrics depressing. Also loved the instrumental of the Black Mages! You have a good music taste. Thanks for sharing these ❤

    Ps. The second and third link isn’t working… hope that’s just my crappy phone.

    • Osharlequin says:

      Thank you so much my friend. That is indeed the idea, to share things not everyone may have heard. ❤️

      Oh really? I’ll be sure to check that!

      The Oldschool Harlequin

  2. Shruba says:

    Take care of yourself and don’t worry about the posting schedule!

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