There was a man born of Catalonia,
To whom normalcy was a razor,
Tracing lines of grey across his wrists,
Uniformity he fought tooth and brush,

With an upturned moustache,
And a cane,
He carved a path for artists everywhere,
A proponent of classicism and surrealism,

A true artist,
A personality of eccentricity and controversy,
Ostentatious to some,
But wholly himself,

Works that tore open reality,
A burning giraffe and a lobster telephone,
Galatea and Columbus,
A perplexing mix of science and madness,

A genius without the right to die,
But even allowed to rest,
In the grave,
Beneath a house of art.

  1. My favorite artist. Was fortunate to get to see a display of his works several years ago. So powerful he was!

  2. earthtohp says:

    Wow!!! Thank you for sharing this because I wasnt acquainted with the Artist. And I searched just now and the paintings(I only saw a few, I’ll research more) are wonderful especially the Persistence of memory, what an original idea and art.
    And the poem was truly wonderful, though I will have to read more about him to understand and enjoy it better.
    Thank you for sharing. ✨😊 (This was a bonus, I learnt of a new artist πŸ˜ŒπŸ™ˆ)

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