I love this city,
I walk it day and night,
The streets are a banquet of sight and sound,
I wouldn’t change them for anything,
Though they be as grungy as my longcoat,

A bedlam of suit and tie ants,
A compost heap of taxes and bills,
Seething like a corpse,
With all the magic and horror,
That mankind can muster,

So I aimlessly frolick,
Amongst these concrete orchards,
Full of silicon souls,
And hollow men,
They avoid my kind gaze,

I didn’t long for this life,
This squalid existence,
It was a sour gift,
From the louts at the bank,
These fingerless gloves weren’t outstretched,

But a mans got to eat,
Back to work,
So I raise my wooden banner,
“Will work for food”,
A grimy tear falls.

  1. Exceptional use of imagery here my friend.
    Thouroughly enjoyed it! 👍🖤

  2. shauna says:

    Very eye opening for me. Unfortunately our city here is plagued with folks who are scammers…making it more difficult for those who are truly in need. And with the economic shut down I fear it is only making things worse. Programs for assistance are strained—and often difficult to get into…yada yada yada…

    Keep writing. Keep sharing. And I hope you found someone with a heart that day…

    • Osharlequin says:

      I fear these same issues plague pretty much every nation and city in the world. I’m not too sure what the solution is though. 😦

      Thank you so much my friend!

      The Oldschool Harlequin

  3. cyncoed says:

    Really powerful, love this !

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