I’m the Harlequin,
An agent of eccentricity,
An advocate for the quirky,
Delightfully awkward,
Comedically weird,
Cackling through a mad world,

I’ll never be part of a clique,
A cabal of critics,
Pretentious spiders,
Tittering at others’ expense,
An artist welcomes criticism,
But not mean-spirited bile,

You can chastise,
My painted smile shall remain,
You can vilify,
I’ll still doff my hat to you,
You could lambast,
I’ll simply continue my asylum jaunt,

Do not take this as arrogance,
Nor blasted bullheadedness,
I simply wish to be myself,
No clique,
I’ll burn on,
Alone if I must,

One hopes you can too.

  1. summerhilllane says:

    Burn on as you. Magnificent.
    Sending you love ❤️

  2. Navin says:

    Brilliant writing

  3. Chagall says:

    Self-kindling. —CC

  4. Lesley says:

    Oh wow, great writing! I love the sentiment.

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